Professional IT Training Programs

Be practical to be professional!

Professional IT Training on LIVE Commercial Projects

Wegasoft Technologies is not an ordinary institute. Instead, it is a professional corporate sector based software house. We offer job oriented courses recommended for international market. No books & no any theoretical talks but only official and professional training! Avail Experience Letter by working on Live Commercial Projects with our Professional Team.

The reason to launch our training programs is to serve in the IT World. As we all knows that there is no any proper well-known institute that provides IT Training on the basis of practical approach. Every institute gives training according to a predefined syllabus covering certain theoretical topics in the form of course books. After passing out from any IT institute, the alumnus have no any practical experience to work in professional organization resulting called fresh candidates; consequently they will have no any welcoming company for job offer due to lack of experience. So the question is, why the student should go in such type of ordinary institutions to waist their precious time, energy and money if they would definitely flop badly in their career?

Instead, there is a vital need to establish an institute where student can learn the same practical tools of IT field that will be required in the real field work.

This is the point where Wegasoft Technologies should play its vital role in the society. We are serving IT Trainings in various sectors from beginning to master levels.

Institute roles nothing in career-building; but actually it is only your instructor who guides your career-path.

Comprehension-based Online/Live IT Classes available for Beginners / Intermediate / Undergraduates

  • If you are looking for a live forum for understanding your curriculum computer subject or need to enhance your IT Skills from beginning-level in the most easy-to-understand-way, we are here to help you in.
  • If you need to get redemption from Rote Learning by complete understanding of recent topic on practical application to know where and how the particular tool is applied in the real world, you are on the right place!
  • Tests / Exams Preparation is just milestones; but in the real life, your destination is beyond your college / university course-outlines. Learn how professionals use computing tools in real life.
  • If you have passed Intermediate or graduation and now you need to become professional in a certain IT Program to start your career on experienced bases not from internee level or you need to work as a freelancer or you are going to establish your own IT Servicing Company, you are on the right place!

Professional IT Training on Live Commercial Projects

  • If you need to adopt IT as your new occupation and you have no any experience and feels an extreme need for a professional forum to provide you Practical IT Training on Live Commercial Projects, you should shake hand with us!
  • If you are going to continue your studies but needs a forum in which you can get experience of practical working In IT Field in part-time on your own desired timing, we are the perfect choice for you!

Commercial IT Programs for Alim (Ulama) / Hafiz (Huffaz) / Mufti (Muftian-e-Ikram) / Islamic Scholar / Dars-e-Nizami / Hifz

  • If you have passed out Dars-e-Nizami / Hifz / or any Islamic Scholarship and you are now in the list of Alim (Ulama) / Hafiz (Huffaz) / Mufti (Muftian-e-Ikram) / Islamic Scholar, but looking yourself as unfit to start your career due to lack of education and experience required in the real job fields, we are here to hold your hands to build your career either in job or in business whatever your mind suits.

Training Offers

  • Office Desktop Management (ODM)
  • Standard Milestone for Advanced Development (SMAD)
  • 3G Online Web Application Designing & Development (WADD)
  • Special Graphics Suit for WADD

Top Trainees

Shahid Sheikh
Trainee Shahid
Rafey Isphahan
Trainee Rafey
Sohail Ahmed
Trainee Sohail
Sarah Masroor
Trainee Sarah
Nazia Iqbal
Trainee Nazia
Bushra Parveen
Trainee Bushra