Professional Training Section

Be practical to be professional!

Professional IT and Web Development Training on LIVE Projects

We welcome IT leaners (Web Development learners) to get Professional IT Training (Professional Web Development Training) on LIVE Projects with our Professional Development Team. Get Experience Certificate for Junior Web Developer. Golden opportunity to Earn 10,000 PKR Plus just after this ten months professional training. Only serious candidates should apply. Special Discount for Batches! For more details, Please Call 0331-3485256, 021-34980706.

Training Offers

  • Office Desktop Management (ODM)
  • Standard Milestone for Advanced Development (SMAD)
  • 3G Online Web Application Designing & Development (WADD)
  • Special Graphics Suit for WADD

Our Top 30 Trainees

Shahid Sheikh
Trainee Shahid
Rafey Isphahan
Trainee Rafey
Sohail Ahmed
Trainee Sohail
Sarah Masroor
Trainee Sarah
Nazia Iqbal
Trainee Nazia
Bushra Parveen
Trainee Bushra